Minutes of meeting held at The Arena Club, Circular Road, Colchester, Essex, at 8.15pm on Tuesday 15 January 2008.

Apologies for absence.

Rachel ABBOTT – family commitment. Margaret WILLIAMS – previous arranged commitment.

Members attending.

Lance, Karen, Linda, Helen, Lyn, Dominic, Rob, Phil, Bridget, Pete, Dave and Roy.

Daniel THOMPSON not in attendance. No reason received.

Minutes of December 2007 meeting and matters arising.

Pete WEST stated he did attend meeting but arrived late. Lyn HOLDEN reminded meeting she sent her apologies and noted they had not been minuted. Lance apologised for his error.

Chairpersons report.

No specific item to report.

Secretary’s Report

No specific item to report.

Treasurers Report.

Bridget reported on the Club finances. All in order all bills paid to date. Donation made to Linda and Steve GARNHAM re travel expenses to Sheffield weekend 12/13 January 2008. Bridget and Lance to look at historical records and prepare budget for current year. Records held on computer since 2003.

Membership Secretary Report.

Helen and Lyn reported that 239 members have renewed. Letters being sent to members who still have to pay. (100 approx) Helen was unable to quantify proportion of adults to young persons who had not paid. Lance reported that he had seen members of Cat’s who are now training with us, reference to them joining CHAC as second claim members. Still awaiting application forms.


Essex 20 mile Championship all arranged (17/02/08) Village Hall, Hamilton Lodge and Red Cross confirmed.

Vets and junior relays all arranged. Lance spoken to Howard WILLIAMS re permits etc. and will speak to Howard again re road closure at Mersea Road, Circular Road, junction.

Junior Rep Report/Women’s league.

National Junior League – our appeal has been rejected. Linda reported that the league would accept a composite team of both Colchester Clubs and either Braintree or Chelmsford. Ipswich to stand alone or composite with either Braintree or Chelmsford. A discussion took place and it was decided our proposed option would be both Colchester Clubs and Braintree with Ipswich and Chelmsford forming a composite team. Karen to contact Pete TANNER and arrange meeting.

Linda reported the following results.

Saturday and Sunday 12/13/01/08 at Sheffield. Michael HOLDEN Gold medal Hept’. Catherine HOLDSWORTH Silver medal Pent’ junior results Nicola GAISFORD 7th and Vicky WHEATLAND 12TH.

Michael and Catherine gained National Vests Selection for event in Paris 1st and 2nd March 2008. Thanks given to Linda and Steve for all their efforts and congratulations to all our young athletes for their hard work and deserved results.

Club Mark.

Dominic had nothing more to add and is awaiting responses from Committee Members re handouts he distributed at the last meeting. Dominic then received the handouts as requested.

Team Managers Report.

Pete WEST reported on the following successes.

Essex Cross Country Champs.

Stacy WHEAT- Silver medal under 20 year women.

Adrian MUSSETT- Bronze senior men.

Under 15 girls – Bronze

Senior men – Bronze

Essex League.

Senior men – Gold

Paul SPOWAGE Gold over 40

Colin LEWIN – Silver over 40

Fran NORRIS Silver over 45

Last race of season senior men second on day, Women second on day.

Venues Men’s Southern; - 03/05/08 Hemel Hempstead, 07/06/08 Colchester, 28/06/08 Peterborough, 12/07/08 Chelmsford, 02/08/08 Walthamstow.

The committee thanked Pete for all his work throughout the season and congratulated all those who made the results possible.

Social Scene.

Margaret unable to attend meeting but she reported through Chair that camping weekends were being arranged by herself and Les DUNHAM. Notices will be placed on notice boards in near future.

Lance reported that Peter THOMAS will be 80 years old on 9th July. It is proposed that the Club will arrange a celebration near the date hopefully at Jacks Farm.


Some concerns were raised re safety on track on Thursday evenings. Suggested that Coaches co-operate with each other to avoid any danger etc. Lance reported that he had spoken to some of the Coaches and it is hoped that a meeting with all coaches can be arranged in near future.

Any other business.

Dominic. Concerns re Boxing Day run. Riders now winning every year, he believes is now time to look at race and make changes to course to make it more equal. To liaise with Colchester Rovers and discuss. (Ivan BIRCH)

Rob. Saturday Track. Rob reported that hire of the Track was necessary on Saturdays as it was the only local facility available for use. Monies were being collected, not at this time cost effective but committee considered use on Saturdays would continue but attendance to be monitored. The flood lights on Thursday evenings to be cancelled to save costs and Karen to change use on Saturdays for adult to junior also to save costs. Situation to be reviewed regularly and it is hoped and expected that more use will be made of facility when the weather improves.

Linda reported that she has received all Tesco vouchers collected by members and she would purchase First Aid Kits and Egg and Spoon!

Linda raised the matter of Higher Claim Members. A discussion took place and it was proposed that these members should pay a membership fee of £25.00 plus £10 affiliation to England Athletics. This matter went to a vote and was carried.

Helen reported that the Women had entered the Gold Cup.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.15pm.

Next meeting to be held at The Arena Club at 8.15pn on Tuesday 19th February 2008. All Committee Members are invited to attend.

Lance Williams.

Chairperson 30/01/08